“Ikkruvinte Sathyanweshana Pareekshanangal”, translated in English as, “The ecstasy of being jobless”



Ikkru was attending an online interview.

“Ikkru, can you adjust the lighting? We cannot see your face clearly. We are seeing you very dark”, said the interviewer to Ikkru.

“Oh, thats unfortunate.” Ikkru adjusted the position of his laptop so that more light can fall on his face. “Can you see my face better now?” asked Ikkru to the interviewers.

“Not yet,” said the interviewer.

“Ok, hold on for a moment.” Ikkru now shifted both his seating position and also the position of his laptop. “How about now?” asked Ikkroo.

“No Ikkru. Your face is still looking dark… Anyways, leave it. No problem.” said the interviewer.

Ikkru thought, “May be the lights are not very bright.”


Ikkru started taking classes for students preparing for their MBA entrance examinations. Ikkru have heard that teaching is the most noblest profession and it is teachers who create cultures and civilizations and humanity. People of wisdom have mentioned that the progress of a nation is connected to the dedication of that nation’s teachers. Ikkru thought, “Oh… what a great responsibility this society has bestowed on me. I will meet up to their grand expectations.  I will be a noble teacher. Ithu Sathyam Sathyam Sathyam.”

And then came that D-Day, where he got the opportunity to prove his mettle. A major decision happened in Kerala, and the entire Kerala was discussing about it. To understand the perspectives of the print media about this issue, and to analyse that with his students, Ikkru brought one copy each, of all the newspapers, both in Malayalam and English languages, that was available in the newspaper stand. He kept that newspaper bundle in his hand.

It so happened that he had to enter a shopping mall to buy lots of pencils. There was a security guard near the entrance of a store in that mall. As Ikkru reached near that store, the security guard told Ikkroo, “Pathramidaan Vannathaanalle… Aa vazhiye pokkoolu” (You came to put newspapers, right? You can take the other entrance.)


Ikkru has been astutely observing a strange phenomenon that is happening with him in shopping malls. He has experienced that, many a times when he walks through these big retail stores, many people come to him, and asks him the price of a particular product that is in display at that store.

Compassion being his other name, Ikkru helps those people. He looks at the price-tag sticker in that product and tells them the price of that product. He also reminds himself about the mystical stories of how “The Chosen One”/ “The Messenger”/ “The Special One” always used to attract lay-people.



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