Unnikale Oru Katha Parayam… Prakrithiyum Samskrithiyum

Sreenivasan Chinthavishtayaya Shyamala

Unni was looking at his textbook with pictures of giraffes and penguins and dolphins and tigers and elephants. How interesting their life is, Unni thought, with no homework, tests, and progress reports, and they can sleep on Monday mornings too.

Interesting aroma was coming from the kitchen. Unable to withstand the temptation, Unni ran into the kitchen. “What are you preparing, Amma?” Unni asked.

Am making vegetable curry that you can eat along with the multi-grain bread. Do you remember Raju Uncle telling that multi-grain bread is better than the plain bread made of Maida? If you eat multi-grain bread, you will remember your lessons more easily.

Unni saw the vegetables in the cooking pan – carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, some green leafs etc. “Amma, won’t these vegetables feel pained when you apply heat on them?” Unni asked.

Amma was thinking how to reply. “Unni…, come here”, invited his grandpa who was sitting in the next room. Unni ran to his grandpa. Mutthachane valare ishtamanu unnikku. Eppozhum Katha Paranju Tharum. Muthachanu ariyavunna athrayum kathakalum arivukalum lokathil aarkkum ariyilla.

Grandpa took him outside the home. Lots of mangoes have fallen from the mango trees. Many insects were buzzing around them. They also noticed the white squirrel nibbling on a ripened mango that is still on the tree. He regularly visits Unni’s home. Unni calls him Kaku.

Grandpa told Unni, “Unni, in Nature, everything exist for everything.” “We should take from Nature only what we really need, as Nature belongs to everyone – the squirrels, the butterflies, the insects and the birds.”

“Yes, yes,” Unni added, “Mannira also…” Unni has a love-hate relationship with these earth-worms. He is expecting their arrival any time soon. Grandpa has told him to look for their arrival after rains.

They started walking home. “Unni, Bhakshanathinumunpu enthina praarthikkanu?”

“Pareekshakku Nalla Maarkku Kittan”.

“Yes, and your friends like Kaku has given their food to you, so that you will get good marks and remarks. So, before your eat, give your thankfulness to them for giving their food to you”.

On reaching home, Grandpa took an Appam and gave it to Unni.

“No, i don’t wan’t Appam, i like Noodles.”




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