Sanmanassullavarkku Samadhanam – Real Heroes of the World, Pathbreaking News




The below is a screenshot of a newspaper article from Mathrubhumi daily on June 6, 2014. It speaks about a bus conductor distributing free tree saplings to the travelers of that bus.



The below is a screenshot of a newsclipping that came in Mathrubhumi on July 25, 2014, a few days before Id. Its about an elderly lady gifting her land, which holds a Hindu temple, to the believers of Hindu faith. And, this too, in today’s world, when people clamor and crave for land and property, and inflame animosity against religions other than theirs.





The state of Kerala, which also has one of the highest per capita consumption of alcohol in India, decides to go for prohibition of liquor in phased manner. The state expected to move towards complete prohibition in 10 years. Chief Minister and Finance Minister of the UDF government in Kerala states that the welfare of the people, and peace and serenity in home and the state, is more important than revenue accruing from taxes through the sales of liquor. Bravo!

Kerala Alchohol Prohibition


Gifting life, even in death…



The below picture is during Hurricane Sandy, a storm that occurred in 2012 in the Atlantic region, and resulted in widespread loss and disruption of essential services, including electricity…



The below is the screenshot to a blog from Mr Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla Motors… The electric automobile maker releases its technology to the public domain.



Its not everyday that we see bold decisions, as indicated below, by a media house deciding to put the interest of citizens above their commercial interests… This was in the context of the Plachimada (Palakkad, Kerala, India) struggle, where there was protest against the exploitation of ground water by cola companies.

MathrubhumiPlachimadaVeerendrakumarPepsiCocaColaAs of date, Mathrubhoomi continues to refuse ads from cola companies.




Zoologists welcome UGC’s decision to ban animal dissection for experimentation in undergraduate and postgraduate course. Below is a screenshot of an article published in The Hindu. This decision from UGC will save millions of animals from undergoing torture in the name of experimentation.UGC bans Animal DissectionIn the recent times, India has also banned dolphinariums, testing of cosmetics on animals, and Jallikkattu.


The below are screenshots from the websites of two institutions that have created global benchmarks on Love@Work – Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences, and Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning.




Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) sets high standards of transparency in Indian political processes by disclosing their funding sources in their website. The party also releases their income-expenditure statements in their website.



Kerala decides to shift to fully organic cultuvation by 2016, avoiding the usage of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.


15. is a free quiz game website that is run by United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). This site allows players to donate 10 grains of rice for free, for every correct answer. By the second half of 2013, donated more than 100 billion rice grains to the hungry, including in countries like Bangladesh, Cambodia, Bhutan, Haiti, Uganda and Nepal.
Rice up against hunger


Shri Narendra Modi asks government departments to discourage the practice of the need for citizens of India to get their application forms attested by government officials/ gazetted officers.





In Nov 2014, one of the newspapers reported about a 15 year old tamed/ captive elephant, Indrajit, being released into the wild by its owner Mr TR Raghulal. Elephants generates huge market value in a state like Kerala.

To avoid troubles a tamed elephant may face in the wild, special arrangements were made by the forest-wildlife departments of the Government of Kerala, to ensure a smooth transition. The elephant is expected to live at least another 50 years.


Mr TR Raghulal, who owns a business enterprise in Thrissur, Kerala, will not have his physical presence during the departure of Indrajit. He says, “Its better that i am not there. The departure of someone dear is a painful experience, irrespective of whether it is an animal or a human being. It is similar to extracting life. I can avoid that experience. To whichever dense forest he goes, my prayers and love will be there with him. I wish him well”.

Thankyou Mr Raghulal. Let your nobility in thoughts, words and deeds be a beacon for many.

Indrajit, wish you well too… Be Free!



While organising the marriage of their daughter, this noble couple – Shri Muhammed Kutty Haajji and Smt Fatima, also organised marriage of another 11 girls.



The 2015 National Games organised in Kerala was associated with green protocols. This was initiated by Suchitwa Mission that aimed for “zero-waste” venues. Waste Management programmes were implemented at the 29 venues. To make the event “disposable-free”, there was ban on the usage of disposable water bottles. The event witnessed the usage of reusable tableware and stainless steel tumblers. Athletes were provided with refillable steel flasks. It is estimated that these green practices stopped the generation of 120 metric tonnes of disposable waste. Suchitwa Mission requested the help of volunteers to achieve the green objectives, and the service of these 700 volunteers to achieve the green objectives were applauded by the Chief Minister.


The below is a photo of a board that was displayed in the front wall of a residence. The writing on the board indicates the gifting of Kanikkonna (golden shower tree) flowers and Kanikkonna tree saplings during Vishu, a festival that gives significant importance to the inclusion of Kanikkonna flowers.



Would you be having similar events/ news/ images to share? If yes, please post them through the Comments section below.




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