Top Nostalgic Songs from Malayalam Films, Dramas and Albums

Nostalgia – Gruhathurathwam – is a universal phenomenon. A Malayalee also goes through the same. What is unique to Kerala is the large number of families being raised, where the children find that one of their parents have migrated outside to a different state or country, to give a better living standard for the family. Many Malayalees longs to return home, and finds solace in replaying their memories with the warm expectation that their loved ones are waiting for their return. Malayalees discover the deep connection between their nostalgic feelings and the natural bounty of Kerala. While returning after a long stay outside Kerala, how can one express the emotion that one goes through, when the train enters Kerala through the Palakkad region? I dedicate this posting to all the Malayalees who toiled and suffered in distant lands to give a better life to their near and dear.


It was during my attempt with creating a list of leading romantic songs from Malayalam cinema, that i discovered the existence of many nostalgic songs that did not exactly fit into the romantic genre. So, Gruhathurathwathinte ormakal puthukkaan, here are some of the melodious nostalgic songs from Malayalam (album, drama, movie)…

1. Vellaram Kunnile, Ningalenne Communistaakki, 1952
2. Marivillin Thenmalare, Sarvekkallu, 1954
3. Oruvattam Koodiyen Ormakal
4. Aayiram Kannumaayi Kaathirunnu Ninne Njaan, Nokkethadhoorathu Kannum Nattu, 1984
5. Vellaaram Kunnumele, Revathikkoru Paavakutty, 1986
6. Ormakal Odi Kalikkuvaanethunnu, Mukundhetta Sumithra Vilikkunnu, 1988
7. Cheerappoovukalkkumma Kodukkanu, Dhanam, 1991
8. Tharalitharaavil Mayangiyo, Sooraymanasam, 1992
9. Varuvaanillarum, Manichithrathaazhu, 1993
10. Aaraattu Kadavingal Arakkoppam Vellathil, Venkalam, 1993
11. Shraavana Sankalpa Theerangalil, Ponnona Tharangini – Vol 3, 1994
12. Mazhapeythu Maanam Thelinja Neram, Oru Abhibhaashakante Case Diary, 1995
13. Aaro Kamazhthivechorotturulipole Aakashathaavanithingal, Thiruvona Kaineettam, 1998
14. Paraniraye Ponnalakkum Pournami Raavaayi, Thiruvona Kaineettam, 1998
15. Chandana Valayitta Kaikondu, Thiruvona Kaineettam, 1998
16. Sahyasanu Sruthi Cherthu, Karumadikkuttan, 2001
17. Keranirakalaadum Oru Harithachaaru Theeram, Jalolsavam, 2003
18. Punnellinkkathirola Thumbathu Poothumbi, Made in USA, 2005
19. Aaraarum Kaanathe Aaromal Thaimulla, Chandrolsavam, 2005
20. Uthraada Pooviliyil Keralamunarukayaayi
21. Thirike Njaan Varumenna Vaarthakelkkaanaayi, Arabikatha, 2007
22. Amma Mazhakkaarinu Kan Niranju, Maadambi, 2008
23. Shyama sundara kera kedara bhoomi, Signature Song of Asianet Malayalam

If you feel like recommending any other songs of this genre, feel free to mention it in the comments section below.

Nourish the Nostalgia! Care for the Ecology! Be God’s Own! Arrive Home!

Anjumoorthy Mangalam



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