Search Engines, Internet, Barber Shop and Golaantharavaartha


The power of internet has helped us to connect to information that is available globally. Ages ago, for a Malayalee, the local barber shop was his search engine to the events happening in the world. Now, its Google. No doubt, Google has been of immense help to all of us.

Have you heard about Ecosia, a websearch site that contributes significant part of their revenue to a green cause, thereby making the world a better and beautiful place to live?

Ecosia is a web search site that contributes 80% of its advertisement revenues (!!!) to the “Plant a Billion Trees” program of The Nature Conservancy, a not-for-profit organisation. Ecosia also neutralizes all carbon dioxide emissions related to its web-search. This organisaion, in less than five years of its existence, has donated more than 15 crore rupees. Ecosia also releases details and proof about their donation on their website. Their web-address is and here is a two minute YouTube video about Ecosia at





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