Annu Peytha Mazhayil

vlcsnap-155678Its April-May – That season of the year when villages and towns in north-central Kerala enters into festivities, called as Pooram or Vela. These are also the times when many earn a livelihood and support their families – by selling balloons, country toys like peeppi, shookki and pambaram, local snacks like pori, parippu vada, pazham pori, inji muttai etc. Times are changing, and so does the wares they sell. Still, the season continue to support many for earning their livelihood.

This season also witnesses intermittent thunder-showers, and in May, the South West Monsoon sets in. More often than not, these rains play spoil-sport. Somewhere in the end of May, during one such vela affected by rains, Saju ventured out to buy a peeppi from one of the vendors. Attempting to empathise with the vendor, for the potential loss of sales due to rains, Saju said, “Mazha kaaranam kachavadam koranju alle…” (rains would have decreased your sales, right?). The vendor replied, “Mazha peyyatte. Athu ellavarkkum upakaaramakum” (let the rains shower. it will be of use to all.)




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