My favourite Patriotic Songs and Musicals

MohanlalThere is a quote attributed to Isaac Tigrett, Founder of ‘Hard Rock Café’ and ‘House of Blues’ chain of restaurants, about his spiritual quest:

…But this journey eventually took me to the mother ship of phenomenon, our beloved India, the most fantastic land on this planet. I mean it’s rich with everything to do with spiritualism….. It’s wondrous that this fabulous land, which many of us have been blessed to go to, is still there in the midst of this Kali Yuga to protect and proclaim that God is everything and everywhere ….

As August 15, considered the Independence Day for India, is approaching, here are some patriotic musicals that you may like.

The numero uno patriotic song – from the Bollywood movie ‘Karma’
1. Dil Diya Hai, Jaan Bhi Denge (6.10)

The nostalgic classics from our channel, Doordarshan
2. Mile Sur Mera Tumhara (5.48)
3. Desh Raag (8.05)

From A R Rehman Team
4. Jana Gana Mana – A Musical (6.41)
5. Only You – A R Rehman (5.41)
6. Gurus of Peace – A R Rehman and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (5.00)

From the brand builders
7. Tum Chalo, To Hindustan Chale (2.06)
8. The Silent National Anthem (2.34)

Before signing off, here is a quote from the speech given by Late Prof N S Ramaswamy, National Research Professor in Management and Founder Director, IIM Bangalore, during Athi Rudra Maha Yagnam (ARMY 1 and ARMY 2),  held at Prasaanthi Nilayam:

Out of the 49 civilisations existing in the world prior to the Christian era, ours is the only one which is living and vibrant. Why? Everything is conceptualized as a mother – Mathrutva Bhava…. In every century, in every part of India, great saints and evolved souls and Avatars were born… We are the only people to say that all religions lead to the same God… Akashat patitam thoyam, yatha gachati sagaram… our civilisation has continued for 5000 years because of sacrifice, suffering, modesty, chastity, sympathy, empathy and service of the women of India. The world is divided into two – the haves and have nots. But India has a third category – those who have but don’t want. Buddha, Mahaveera and Janaka belong to this exalted category.”




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