‘Nenjae Ezhu’ – ‘Arise, Mind’ – Be That One! Be The Source.


The above picture indicates the entrance of Vadakkumnathan Temple, located at Trichur/ Thrissur/ Thrisivaperur/ Thirusivaperur. Visit many of the temples, and you will find that the money charged for most offering ends with a one rupee, such as Rs 101, 251, 501, 10,001 and so on. So why this extra one rupee and why not 100 or 250 or 500 or 10,000?

Before we attempt to explore an answer to this query, lets journey to Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. This city was built by a Rajput king, “Sawai” Jai Singh II. Sawai, in Hindi, means, one and a quarter of one (or 1.25 or Rs 1.25 etc.). “Sawai” was also an honorific title given to an exceptional king who have demonstrated an intelligence and strength higher than their contemporaries and continues the noble qualities set by his ancestors. Jai Singh, who displayed astute administrative qualities, was also associated with the founding of a series of astronomical observatories (or Yantra Mantra, now popularly known as “Jantar Mantar“s). His reign was also known for promoting culture and literary works. Thus “Sawai” aligned with an expansion and continuation in the noble deeds of his predecessors.

Michel Danino, an Indologist, says, “Recently when I mentioned this “extra quarter” principle in a talk at Adobe (Noida) and someone told me that often when students make an offering at a temple for success at their exam (better bribe the god than the examiner) the offering was one-and-a-quarter kilo…”. There is also a custom in the region of Kachchh, Gujarat, where during the fifth month of pregnancy the daughter-in-law’s brother comes and takes the daughter-in-law to her mother’s house and during the seven month of the pregnancy the mother-in-law takes one and a quarter kilo millet, jaggery and a coconut and puts it in the daughter in law’s lap.

Similarly, while engaged in an act of giving/ charity/ gifting, due importance was given in continuing the cycle of giving, an expression of the inherent natural qualities of Abundance and Love in an individual. The “one” extra rupee indicated the beginning of a continuation of a new cycle of giving. The event of giving was not an end an itself, but was the beginning of a new cycle of giving. And thus, the extra one rupee is included in auspicious offerings.


The lyrics of a popular song that i listened to, in the recent times, said:

Nenjae Ezhu, Nenjae Ezhu
Nenjae Ezhu, Nenjae Ezhu
Nenjae Ezhu, Nenjae Ezhu
Kaadhal Endrum Azhivadhillai

(Arise Mind… Love Never Dies)

“Love, because it is your nature to Love, because you know nothing else, because you cannot act otherwise than Love. Expand yourself, take in all.” (Sathya Sai Speaks, VII: 510)

Allow the river of Giving to flow through you. ‘Nenjae Ezhu’Oh Mind, Rise – Be That (extra) One. Be That One! Be the Source.









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