Do You Have It In You?

INS_ViraatTo join the Indian Navy and being part of one of the naval vessels (pictured above: INS Viraat) is the dream of many youth. The following is the detail of a mission undertaken by Indian Navy.

The Mission: To navigate around the world, solo, non-stop, unassisted, in a sail boat. To sail south of all the great capes – Cape Leeuwin, Cape Horn and Cape of Good Hope.


Name of the Ship: INSV Mhadei.

The Sailor: Lieutenant Commander Abhilash Tomy

Abhilash_TomySainik Samachar, the fortnightly publication from the Indian Armed Forces, had this to say about SagarParikrama: “Abhilash successfully completed the circumnavigation on March 31, 2013, having been at sea for 150 days and traversing 23,100 nautical miles or 42,966 kilometres through some of the most testing waters of the proverbial ‘saatsamandar‘. Mhadei, with Abhilash at the helm, had tasted the waters of the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. The oceans in turn had tested the mettle of man and boat.” On successfully completing the mission, Abhilash was interviewed by Sainik Samachar.

The interviewer posed the question on whether Abhilash Tomy feels he have conquered the ocean. Abhilash responded to this, by saying,

In our culture, a mountain is not conquered by climbing it, but by circumambulating it. I am sure that I have not conquered the oceans in this voyage – merely understood it and spent time with it…







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