Smasana Vairagya


A contest was conducted to find that city in the world where human values are given maximum importance, and citizens are in a state of joy and well-being. Cities from all parts of the world applied for this contest. A few among them were ‘The City of Gandhar’, ‘The City of Trigarta’, ‘The City of Kurukshetra’, ‘The City of Indraprastha’ and The City of I am Next’.

In the application form,

The City of Gandhar’ expressed: We have sensational performances in arts, music and dance.

The City of Trigarta’ bolted: Darkness is banished in our world. We’ve put high-voltage lamps everywhere.

The City of Kurukshetra’ thundered: We manufacture and export weapons for everyone’s self-protection.

The City of Indraprastha’ spelt: We mesmerize people with skyscrapers of 100 storey.

Vidura, the one-man judge for this contest, read through all the applications and finally selected ‘The City of I am Next’ as the contest winner. Many students visited ‘The City of I am Next’ to discover on why this city won the contest. On an evening walk, some of these students reached a spacious graveyard, located at the centre of this city. A faint tone of a musical drum beat was being heard. While walking, one of the students tripped, and fell down. He fell down on the lap of a person who was half-naked and had matted hair. This person asked, “Hey ignoramus, can you see me, now at least? The bulls here have a better vision!!”






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