My Favourite Top 25 Romantic Songs from Malayalam Films

Call it the beauty of nature, a dose of stupidity, naïvety of age or a proof that innocence is not yet lost among youth – that even in this calculating modern world, we continue to find some of the youth falling in love, full of idealism and hope! Celebrating that spirit of love, here is an attempt to list out some of my favorite romantic melodies from Malayalam film songs.

But before listing that, allow me to introduce (some of) you to a conversation from the movie ‘Ustaad Hotel’, a movie, among other themes, captures the affectionate relationship that develops between Faizi (a “good-looking, educated abroad” youth who is also a “professionally qualified chef”) and his grandfather, Kareem (“Kareem Ikka”).

vlcsnap-103915On the backdrop of the nurturing caress of the Arabian Sea, Kareem Ikka, shares his warmth with Faizi, and says,

Oro sulaimaniyilum orithiri mohabbat venam…, athu kudikkimbo lokam ingane pathukkeyayi vannu nikkanam”(“Every sip of tea should have an element of love, intoxicated, that the universe comes to stillness”).

This list is dedicated to those who have fallen into that abyss of intoxication…

1. Devi Nin Chiriyil, Rajaparampara (1977)
2. Saradindu Malardeepa, Ulkadal (1979)
3. Sundari, Nin Thumbu Kettiyitta, Shalini Ente Koottukari (1980)
4. Thenum Vayambum, Thenum Vayambum (1981)
5. Thozhuthu Madangum Sandhyayumetho, Aksharangal (1984)
6. Mazhavillin Malar Thedi, Katha Ithuvare (1985)
7. Sukhamo Devi, Sukhamo Devi (1986)
8. Oru Kadalolam, Love Story (1986)
9. Paadaam Namukku Paadaam, Yuvajanotsavam (1986)
10. Aakaashamake Kani Malar, Namukku Paarkkan Munthirithoppukal (1986)
11. Vysakhasandhye, Nadodikattu (1987)
12. Manjin Chirakulla, Swagatham (1989)
13. Neermizhipeeliyil, Vachanam (1989)
14. Pathiramazhayetho, Ulladakkam (1991)
15. Tharam Valkkannaadi Nokki, Keli (1991)
16. Neelaravilinnu Ninte, Kudumbasametham (1992)
17. Allimalar Kaavil Pooram Kaanaan, Midhunam (1993)
18. Rajahamsame, Chamayam (1993)
19. Enthinu Veroru Suryodayam, Mazhayethum Munpe (1995)
20. Aaro Viral Neetti, Pranaya Varnangal (1998)
21. Oru Rathri Koodi, Summer in Bethlehem (1998)
22. Parayaan Maranna Paribhavangal, Garshom (1999)
23. Poomakal Vaazhunna, Kaattu Vannu Vilichappol (2000)
24. Oru Narupushpamayi, Meghamalhar (2001)
25. Oru Chembaneer Puvirithu Njanomale, Sthithi (2003)

I hope the above list has some of your favourite songs. There is a good possibility that the above list have some of your favourite songs, if you are someone who watched ‘Ustad Hotel’ and enjoyed the below conversation.

Uppuppa…, ingade mohabattinte katha paranjutaruo?
Kareem Ikka:
Uppuppaakku mohabbattundaarnennu anakkentada orappu?
Athu…, sulaimani kudicha aalkalle athinte ruchi ariyavullu!!!

Grandpa, why don’t you narrate me the story of your love…?
Kareem Ikka:
Boy, how in the world do you know that your grandpa was immersed in love!?!
Well…, only the one who sipped the tea will know its essence!!!

If you’ve been heart-broken, know that you have a blessed opportunity. While the bold fall in love – they dare to move beyond the divisions of religious, casteist, linguist and economic status, they are also rooted in the fundamentals of Dharma. Hazrat Inayat Khan, a Sufi master, says, “God breaks the heart again and again and again until it stays open.” Allow your heart to be broken again and again and again so that it increasingly opens up for the entire Universe – fellow human beings, stones, plants, animals and lizards.

Did i miss your favourite song? If so, what would be yours? Mention on the comments section below…






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27 Responses to My Favourite Top 25 Romantic Songs from Malayalam Films

  1. Hari Krishna says:

    thanks for making the list bro … good work good work

  2. Hrishi says:

    U missed my favourite..;. It is the best song ever… no list is complete without it.
    Thumbi vaa thumbakudathil.. Olangal (1982)

  3. akhil mohanan says:

    can u please update the song azhalinde azhagalil from the movie ‘ayyalum njanum thamil ‘

  4. says:

    there r a lot more…
    etrayo janmamaayi..
    hridayathin madupaathram..
    ravin nila kaayal…
    pinneyum pinneyum

  5. ranjith says:

    “Mazha njanarinjirunnilla”- by Hariharan

  6. ABHILASH says:

    അരികിൽ നീ ഉണ്ടായിരുന്നെങ്കിൽ….
    ഒരുമാത്ര വെറുതെ നിനച്ചു പോയി…
    i didnt hear a song more romantic than this so far……

  7. Aravind Sagar says:

    Awesome list, though you cannot possibly list just 25 songs and make everyone happy, because there’s a great wealth of songs out there.. I’d also put ‘Hrudaya Sarassile’ in that list, that’s a classic!

  8. SASI KUMAR PS says:

    Ustad Hotel – the combination of grandpa & grandson – really an unforgettable movie

  9. lalu yadav says:

    You ought to be a part of a contest for one of the highest quality websites on the web.
    I’m going to highly recommend this site!

  10. Akash says:

    Vennilaa Chandanakinnam……. Best of the Best…….. Should be in top 5………

  11. Akash says:

    Anyway, Nice list, Buddy…………………

  12. liya says:

    Awesome list.

  13. Anu says:

    1. Etho nidrathan ponmayilpeeliyil
    2. Varuvaanillarum

  14. Vishnu.s says:

    Great work bro, last 10 are superb ,direct from my heart list…nice

  15. Vellinila thullikalo- varnapakittu
    Nadodi poonthinkal mudiyil- usthad
    Nilavinte neela bhasma- Agnidevan
    Thamara noolinal- Mullavalliyum thenmavum
    Cheera poovukalkkumma- dhanam
    Onnamkili randamkili-kilichundan mambazham
    kasavinte thattamittu-kilichundan mambazham
    Aakasha thamara pole—- It goes on and on. But what you have mentioned is a lifetime memorable songs. Any generation can smell the scent!!!! Thanks

  16. Rijesh says:

    Hi, you forgot one from the same movie…. “Vaathilil aa vathilil vaa…

  17. Shahasil says:

    Evergreen…..makes every single heart green again…listed it nice buddy..!!!!!

  18. kamarunnisa.k says:


  19. Sidharth S Karun says:

    one of my favourite song is,
    Neela kurinjikal pookkunna veedhiyil – Neelakadambu(1985)
    (by K S Chithra)

  20. John says:

    Nice list of songs bt u can add “poonkatinodum kilikalodum” also

  21. linie says:

    Kaathodu kaathoram

  22. rasvin says:

    Thx. Bro ,
    I humbly thanks to u for givin the nice movement of the movie “ustaad hotel”
    Its my favorate movieee.. .

  23. Abhishek says:

    U missed the song thamarapoovil from Chandralekha

  24. Vyshakh says:

    Hey its super list, marannittumendino–randaam.bhaavam

  25. jithu says:

    You missed ‘Oru pushpam matramen ‘ and ‘Arikil nee undayirunnengil ‘

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